WAI Triumphs @ Taupo
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WAI Triumphs @ Taupo

Triumphs in Taupo is happening again this year on 26 May.

It’s a relaxed environment for anyone who’d like to try their road-going car on the track. Last time a TR Register Member went there was a standard 2500TC circulating in the single sprints, as well as dual sprints and races for the more adventurous.

Like the last few years,they are hiring Taupo Motor Racing Circuit’s Track 3 and holding actual races as well as the single and dual car sprints.  And just like the last few years, the only difference from previous year’s events is that the name of the track is now the Bruce McLaren MotorSport Park.

See the attached letter for an overview and information on the competitive side of the weekend. Supplementary Regulations and entry forms are also attached. Note the changes to protective clothing – we are taking an educative rather than punitive approach to these changes this year, so don’t be too put off if the new requirements don’t seem to make much sense.

Don’t forget, there are little or no restrictions on what we let enter.  So long as it can be scrutineered to Schedule A or AA (including Schedule K) then it’s eligible to enter.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Alan Hyndman.

Wellington Triumph Sports Car Club
PO Box 6164
New Zealand

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