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Welcome to the TR Register NZ

The TR Register is the National Club for all enthusiasts of the Great British Sports car, built by Triumph in Coventry, between 1953 and 1981. TR stands for Triumph Roadster and all the models from TR2 to TR8 and their associated derivatives, Swallow Doretti, Dové GTR4,  Peerless, Warwick, Italia and Grinnall are well represented in the club.


Club History

The TR Register was first founded in 1970 in the UK and is one of the most successful one make car clubs in the world. The UK TR Register has 52 local groups, and there are 39 TR Registers in countries worldwide. This great club was set up in 1975 for the enjoyment and promotion of the Marque in NZ. It has grown successfully over the prevailing years to be a well-respected club in the Classic Car world. There are 9 regional groups within NZ and it has over 300 members. The technical knowledge of the members, gained over 40 years, is a treasure which can be tapped into and help during the restoration of a TR, or just to fix a small issue which these great British cars sometimes have.


About the club

The club has a National Committee, which oversees the running of the club, but 9 regional groups all around NZ, run the local events and coordinate activities in their areas. Each regional group has regular meetings, in their favourite watering holes, so that members can get together, and prospective or new members can meet the other TR owners and talk about Triumphs. Regular runs and events are organised at the regional level so people can show their cars off and drive their cars with other likeminded enthusiasts. Once a year a National Rally is organised over a weekend in early March, this is the highlight of the year and our Concours event, this is followed by an “after tour” around the surrounding countryside which usually lasts 4 days. Also, once a year the club has a stand at the Ellerslie Classic Car Show, and enters the best stand competition. We have come 2nd and 3rd in previous years and our goal is to win this prestigious event. 

One of the prime directives of the TR club (and those worldwide) is to maintain a register of all TR’s and their derivatives. This provenance is available to all members and prospective members and is added to as more details of each car are unearthed. The NZ TR Register holds its own register of cars in NZ, but the prime register is in the UK.

The club also keeps a large stock of parts, for all models, which helps to keep these beautiful, but old cars safe and on the road. We also do a yearly indent order for spares so members can order parts from the UK and share the freight costs.

The club publishes a quarterly glossy magazine which is sent to all members, with reports from all the regions, technical articles, photographs and stories from members. 

If you have any questions about the Marque, or are thinking of joining the ranks of owning one of these beautiful sports cars, please contact any of the committee or regional leaders. 

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