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TR4 Distributor urgently wanted

Do you have a good used Lucas 25D4  TR4 distributor hanging around that you would be prepared to sell,  Rebuilding my TR4  the only new distributors you can currently buy here in NZ are C….. in my opinion.  I am looking for a good second hand dizzy I can get rebuild,  or a rebuilt model  if available, any help appreciated.

Call jim  0274336390

For Sale
  1. Original lockhead rear axle, complete with drums and brakes.   
  2. 2nd hand TR3 grill complete with starter handle hole
  3. TR3 heater not sure if it goes or if it’s all there.  I was never interested in installing it so have just left it in its box.
  4. Number of 2nd hand suspension parts, after I put all the new stuff in my car a few years ago. Contact me if you are after anything in particular.
  5. TR3 gearbox. Non-overdrive.

Ph Jim Davis 0274336390

For Sale

Triumph TR8 1980

Number Plate – CBD197

Kilometres / Miles – 101,388km / 63,000miles

Body – Silver Gold, 2 Door, Convertible

Fuel Type – Petrol

Engine – 8 Cylinder, 4500cc

Transmisssion – Manual

History – 2 Owners, Imported

Registration – Expires Oct 2018

Model Detail – TR8

Not A TR7 Mock-up
Genuine Factory TR8 (8 known to exist in NZ?)
63,000 Miles
4 Barrel Edelbrock Webber
Branched Inlet Manifold
3.5 Rover Stroked To 4.5
5 Speed Manual
Mild Cam
4 Pot Calipers And Vented Rotors
14 Inch Minilite Alloys
Original Brakes And Wheels Included
New Soft Top
New Roll Bar

Request more photos from



Price: $ 25,000.00

I'm after a fan extension for my 1970 TR6, fits to the end of the crankshaft. Also wondering if there are any factory type mufflers out there.




For Sale


SERVICE for TR5 & 6

Injectors, Check valves, Fuel lines etc

Contact Dave Tong

Service provided in conjunction with the TR Register

More information under Technical Support

Price: $ 65.00
For Sale

Genuine TR6 seats,with seat base sliders, for early model TR6. Not in best condition.

Price: $ 100.00

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