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Welcome or ‘nau mai’ to the TR Register New Zealand

The TR Register NZ, formed in 1975 is a national car club for the enjoyment and promotion of the TR Marque in NZ.  300 members are spread over the whole country, so the country is split into 9 Regional Zones, 6 in the North Island and 3 in the South Island.

The aim of the TR club is to maintain a register of all TR’s and their derivatives which are in NZ, on and off the road. This provenance is available to all members and prospective members.

Like most car clubs in NZ each region organises its own runs, events and has regular get togethers, at various favourite watering holes, on agreed dates. These local events and meetings are displayed on the event calendar.

A National Event is held annually to draw members of different regions together. This National Weekend is held at various locations throughout NZ, alternating between the North Island and South Island.

Regional Groups
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Radiator and head for a 1962 TR4



Unforetunately I have discovered that my chassis is beyond economic repair.

If someone has a spare that they would like to sell me please call me on 021 357298.


Bob Taylor


For Sale

TR2-3A set of 5 original steel wheels with 4 hub caps, and three 155 /15 tires, about half worn .

TR2-3A Bonnet


For further information please phone 0274915566.


Looking for the following TR6 Parts

​Soft top either new or used – I have the frame so good along those lines

Gearbox tunnel either original in good condition or plastic replacement

Exhaust system I have the down pipe fitted, I require the pipes under the car and the back silencer box, having said that the twin pipes would also suffice.

Contact details;

George McSwiggan



For Sale

1955 Triumph TR2 - Red This car is in first class condition. No rust, wires and overdrive. Owned for about 30 years. Price POA Ph 03 2178733


Door hinges - both sides
Drivers side door (longdoor)
Passenger side front guard - any condition
Passenger side rear guard - any condition
Quarter panels outer and inner (both sides)
Sidescreen sockets - wedge type
Rear cockpit capping pieces
Speedo/Rev counter
Amber dash indicator light
TR2 bonnet emblem
Heater & demister parts
Rear handbrake cables - both sides
Handbrake front fork end -  handbrake lever to cable
Rigid steering column outer tube and inner
Fuel tank overflow pipe
Fuel cap screw in base. I've got the flip-top filler cap - just missing the base it screws into.
All replies welcome.  Special thanks to those who have responded to date.
Pete Drummond


Wanted parts for a TR2, 3 or 4 low port or high port head, also after rocker gear, or roller rockers for TR2 head.



For Sale

Hi   my name is Jaimie , l own a TC 2500 that had a worn out motor and last year purchased a rusty 1973 PI auto with the intention of transferring the PI motor into my car. The motor itself was in good nick but after looking at going down the PI route I have decided to go back to carbs. I have all the PI gear from the donor car for sale , it has a rebuilt green top metering unit , brand new air filter and still has the vacuum tank. The only issue is worn spindles in the butterflies on the throttle bodies which l was quoted $2000 to replace , probably the reason l haven’t kept going with it , maybe carbs are a better fit for the type of driving I will be doing anyway.   If you have any members who might be interested in buying the set-up , I am asking $1500 for it , thought I would try selling it this way instead of putting it online and answering loads of questions that l don’t have time for. I live in Dairy Flat , not far from Albany , happy for anyone to come and have a look. I can be contacted on 0272382299 anytime

For Sale

TR2-3A Idler lever, Seal and Bracket - Moss part numbers 105728, 058615, 501958.

These were bought and not used, save on freight costs - $140

Email -

Bob Birdsall

Price: $ 140.00
For Sale

TR Side Screens with Dzus fittings - $600.

Clip on Wind Deflectors - $80 

Pair of sliding Perspex windows $60 plus 1 odd one $25

Timing Chain Sprockets Part Nos 057113 & 055971 Purchased from Moss but didn't use them as my existing ones were OK - Save on freight costs $135.

TR Tool Kit comprising - Pennant 325 Wheel Brace, Ernots grease gun with cap, 7" adjustable spanner, 3 open ended spanners, 2 Dunlop Tyre Levers, 2 box spanners including 1 plug spanner, T Willams slip pliers, Hub Cap removal tool, wood handled screwdriver. All are in excellent condition $450

Contact for all -


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