TR's in New Zealand
TR Register New Zealand

The TR Register New Zealand Incorporated knows of over 700 cars of the Triumph TR marque that are, or have been, in New Zealand, over the years, a number of cars have been exported. However, recently the predominant flow has been into New Zealand particularly when considering  TR5s and TR8s. Around 50% of the TRs in this country are owned by members of this club. (updated December 2017)

Breakdown of the overall total by model

1953-1955 TR2 81
1955-1957 TR3 31
1957-1962 TR3A/3B 65
1961-1965 TR4 61
1965-1967 TR4A 53
1967-1968 TR5 21
1967-1968 TR250 10
1968-1975 TR6 220
1975-1981 TR7 (COUPE) 83
1980-1981 TR7 (CONVERTIBLE) 28
1975-1981 TR7V8 (COUPE & CONVERTIBLE) 32
1979-1981 TR8 8


Breakdown by the five TR body designs (Period - Designer - Models)

1961-1968 MICHELOTTI TR4, TR4A, TR5 TR250 145
1968-1975 KARMAN TR6 220
1975-1981 HARRIS-MANN (WEDGE) TR7, TR7V8, TR8 151
1965-1967 TR4A 5


Current and past records of all TRs known to the Register are maintained by the Registrar. Information about any TR that may not be in the TR Register's records is very welcome.

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