LED Lighting For TR's
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LED Lighting for TR’s

Over the past couple of years, substitute LED bulbs have become more readily available for classic cars. LED’s draw less current, shine brighter and last longer than standard bulbs. The best place to start is with stop/tail lights and those of you who have made the change know the significant difference that LED’s make to being seen. (Always choose a red LED bulb as white LED’s show up as pink!)

Side lights and headlights are also relatively straight forward to change; indicators require a change to the flasher unit too.

Sorting thru bulb types, part numbers and equivalents is a bit of a quagmire, but I hope the list below helps your journey. I don’t profess this list to be the ultimate reference chart, but I trust it serves as a good start point.

The Register does not plan to carry LED bulbs, but Moss UK and Hamilton specialists LEDstuff https://ledstuff.co.nz/ carry stock.

You could also try BetterCarLighting https://www.bettercarlighting.co.uk/ where there is a lot of useful (almost too much) information too.

There are some concerns about the LED headlight conversions passing WoF. I have had the Moss dip-able LED headlight in my TR6 for 4 years and they have sailed thru every WoF. Sufficient to say that as long as they are adjusted to dip correctly there should be no issue and, wow, you can see where you are going!

Ian Harris April 2022

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