Monday, June 19, 2023

Exciting News about TR Register Member spares.

The TR Register teams up with Hawkswood Classic Car Parts.

Over the past 20+ years, the Register has endeavoured to provide a pool of TR specific spare parts to help keep members TRs on the road. Currently the range of parts runs to some 500+ line items (and due to our once-per-year restocking cycle, we can often be out of stock.) The importation and onward supply of these parts has relied totally upon volunteers and hand-crank systems. 

During the recent lock-down periods on-line buying of products became more the norm and, with this in mind, the Register looked to how we could provide a better spares service to members.

It became apparent that the cost of implementing and running an on-line system ourselves would cost as much as the typical annual profit from providing the service, plus it would still rely on volunteers to run it.

However, I am pleased to announce that through partnering with Hawkswood Classic Car Parts, we are able to provide a greatly enhanced parts service to members.

Not only will you have on-line purchasing for the current range of TR parts, but also the added benefits of,

  • 24/7 purchasing,
  • prompt dispatch,
  • access to over 5000 British car parts,
  • frequent stock replenishment,
  • access to specialist parts and lubricants,
  • a TR Register Members only discount of 11.5% on all items purchased directly from Hawkswood – via their website, phone-in, or call-in.  (Note: purchases made via Hawkswood’s TradeMe site will NOT attract the 11.5% discount.)

What a deal!

How will this work for you??

Soon all paid-up TR Register members will receive an email from Hawkswood welcoming them and advising the Discount Code to use when ordering. As a member, you will be able to access all parts directly via Hawkswood’s website   

When will this happen?

The effective date is 1st July 2023. (But there will be no access to our parts from 26th – 30th June.)

Apart from the physical transfer, cataloguing of the Registers parts (that Hawkswood does not currently carry) may take a few weeks. Plus there are a few background admin tasks to complete to make all this happen. So please be patient.

Do contact Hawkswood directly if you are after a part that we normally carry but is not on-line yet, or of you hit any ordering snags.

The contact details for Hawkswood Classic Car Parts are:


Website :

Contact :  Chris, Tony  or Geoff  


Phone : 09-9157179

Also, feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or need more information.

Happy Fettling

Ian Harris


15th June 2023

PS. Indent & Used Spares- still being managed by the Register – requests to (Indent by 23rd June 2023.)

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