Monday, March 25, 2019

TR Register UK had some cars displayed on their stand at the Practical Classics Car and Restoration Show in March, below is a brief explanation with some very interesting facts

The Cars on display - celebrating TR6@50

TS2 - Where it all began.

The club's very own TS2 will be on display not only to showcase the jewel in the TR Register crown, but also as a reminder of where the family line of the 'separate chassis' TRs began, some 16 years before the release of the TR6 in 1969.

The TR4A that gave birth to the TR6: GKV 672E

This car started life as an ordinary conifer green TRIUMPH TR4A in the factory fleet, but was later used by Karmann of Osnabruck in Germany to develop/design the bodywork of the TR6 as the factory had no access to the limit numbers of TR5s built!

The oldest surviving TR6: NNB 249G (awaiting restoration).

Built on the very first day of production, 19th September 1968, at the Standard Triumph Factory in Coventry, the car was shipped to California for sale to the US market. It was imperative that when the TR6 was launched to the public at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1969, that the factory was ready to ‘hit the ground running’ with delivery into the most important market for Triumph, the USA.  A TR6 undergoing restoration

TR Enterpises, nr Blidworth kindly donated this rolling restoration project to give a taste of what a TR6 looks like, stripped bare and mid-restoration. An ideal chance to look at all those nooks and crannies if you are rebuilding a car yourself. 

A TR6 - Fully restored and upgraded: CXC 781K

CXC 781K was born on 3rd September 1971. She is Pimento Red and came with a straight 6-cylinder engine of 2500cc and Lucas mechanical fuel injection giving 150 BHP and a 0 to 60 mph of 8 seconds. Now tastefully upgraded for frequent use with a mildly tuned engine, this car is a stunning example. 

TR7 convertible: ATR720L - Worthy successor to the TR6

TR7s sold more units than any other TR ever built and the late model convertibles are the best of the bunch. Built at the Canley plant in Coventry and first registered 23 May 1980 in South - East London, this is one of fewer than 650 TR7 convertibles left on the road in the UK. Jim is the TR7 registrar for the TR Register Car Club and is the person to go to for any advice or questions regarding the wedge-shaped TRs. Jim has owned the car since September 2003 and the mileage is believed to be genuine.

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