Saturday, August 3, 2019

Interesting snippet from the TR Register UK Newsletter about the upcoming Inter-Club Triumph Weekend at Stratford Upon Avon

The very first TR? - TRX is coming to Stratford! 

We are very excited to welcome this hugely important car to the show. Awaiting restoration, this TRX has not been seen at a TR Register event in decades. So what is it? Well, Standard-Triumph's chief stylist, Walter Belgrove designed this car as the replacement for the ageing Triumph Roadster. The prototype carried the model name TRX and so is arguably the first "TR". However, the car looks and is constructed very differently to the TR2 that would eventually enter production in 1953. It has hidden headlamps, curved body panels and a very unusual design, the TRX proved in the end, to be too costly to put into production, so this is a unique chance to see a rare prototype in the flesh! 

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