TR2 TR3 TR4 TR6 parts

TR2 Wire Wheel Hub Left Rear  $50
TR3A Door handles, external, chrome (pair)  $100
TR3A Axle Shaft  (new old stock)  $100
TR4A Rear Apron  (new reproduction) $400
TR4A Left Rear guard (used)   $200
TR4A Glove Box (new)    $40
TR4A Bonnet (used, rough)  $350
TR4A Bootlid (used)   $250
TR6 A-Pillars left & right Outer  (UK made)  $150 each

TR Sidescreens and more.

2 X Superslim TW spanners, Headlight rim removal tool Stanpart 118971 -$450

Pennant Wheel Brace 7/8” $35

 10 X Tenax buttons, plus fitting tool $95

 Pair Perspex sliding windows $60, Single slider $20

 TR Timing Chain Wheel and Camshaft Wheel – new $135

TR2-3A parts

TR2-3A set of 5 original steel wheels with 4 hub caps, and three 155 /15 tires, about half worn .

TR2-3A Bonnet


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