Cantrails For Factory TR2/3/3A/3B Hardtops
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Cantrails For Factory TR2/3/3A/3B Hardtops

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For those who are perplexed, these are the alloy gutters fitted to the sides of the hardtop to direct rainwater away from the side screens and/or the pilot and passenger!  Part numbers 802611 (LH) and 802612 (RH).

These parts were not available for a considerable time, but club member Ian Smith, who has restored a factory hardtop, found a supplier who was able to make these parts.  In response to an advert in 2015 in TR Action and on the TR Register’s Forum, Ian received orders and then organised production and despatch of 15 sets.

Ian thought that he had satisfied the worldwide demand for cantrails, but it seems not, as he has received further requests!

This is a second – and final – chance to procure a set of cantrails, by contacting Ian via the email below.

If there were sufficient demand, Ian would arrange a short production run, and if there were 10 members interested, an estimated cost per set (of  two, left & right) would be £75, plus P&P and VAT.  Although somewhat unwieldy, cantrails can be (and were) shipped to any TR enthusiast world wide.

If interested, please e-mail Ian on:            

Feedback on Forum in November 2019

We bought several sets of the first batch in 2015 and they were very well made. We had a few people asking if there would be another production run and we will be in touch with Ian Smith shortly.  Cost per set and is about what we paid in 2015. Good deal. Stan.

I would encourage folks who require a set to get in the queue. These are well-made and otherwise NLA. I purchased mine in 2015 and highly recommend them.  Mike.

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Ian Cornish
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